The uploaded filename is contained in the Rapidshare and megaupload URLs. This will help us find what is posted on rapidshare/megaupload for download.

To search for ebooks and documents in PDF format on Rapidshare:
pdf ""
To download movies and video files:
To download mp3 files from rapidshare:
To download software, zipped files, programs from rapidshare:

Replace with to search for files available on servers.

More Rapidshare hacks

Search Video on Megaupload: avimpgmpegwmvrmvb
Search Audio Music files on MegaUpload: mp3oggwma
Search Software Warez ISO Programs on MegaUpload: ziprarexe
Search ebooks and magazine on megaupload: pdfrarzipdoclit

Search Video on avimpgmpegwmvrmvb
Search MP3 Music cds files on Rapidshare: mp3oggwma
Search full software programs on Rapidshare ziprarexe
Search pdf files, documents, ebooks, magazines: pdfdoclitrarzip

For megaupload and rapidshare searching, narrow down you search for what you want by putting your query at the first part.

Say if you want to search for da vinci code ebook use the query
da vinci code pdfdoclitrarzip

Say if you want to search for madonna mp3 files and music videos use the query
madonna mp3wmv

Say if you want to search for aishwarya rai photos on Google Images, use the query
aishwarya filetype:jpggif


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    8/8/09 06:34

    One more good proxy list

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