1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Click on 'Layout'
3. Click on 'Edit HTML'
4. Add the following codes right after the < head> code:

<link href='http://www.photobucket.com/your_favicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon'/><link href='http://www.photobucket.com/your_favicon.ico' rel='icon'/>
Note: the 'http......ico' is the location [URL] of the favicon that you want to use. Change it! [Read More to see example]

5. Save your changes.
6. Done.

Below are some sample of favicons that you can use:
Afghanistan Flag Icon Afghanistan Greece Flag Icon Greece Netherlands Flag Icon Netherlands Somalian Flag Icon Somalia Argentina Flag Icon Argentina Hungary Flag Icon Hungary Nicaraguan Flag Icon Nicaragua Spanish Flag Icon Spain Belgium Flag Icon Belgium Iceland Flag Icon Iceland Niger Flag Icon Niger Sudanese Flag Icon Sudan Benin Flag Icon Benin India Flag Icon India Nigerian Flag Icon Nigeria Suriname Flag Icon Suriname Bulgaria Flag Icon Bulgaria Indonesia Flag Icon Indonesia Norwegian Flag Icon Norway Swedish Flag Icon Sweden Canada Flag Icon Canada Iraq Flag Icon Iraq Pakistani Flag Icon Pakistan The Flag of Switzerland Icon Switzerland Chad Flag Icon Chad Ireland Flag Icon Ireland Palestinian Flag Icon Palestine Taiwanese Flag Icon Taiwan Chile Flag Icon Chile Panamanian Flag Icon Panama Thai Flag Icon Thailand China Flag Icon China Italian Flag Icon Italy Peruvian Flag Icon Peru Tunisian Flag Icon Tunisia Columbia Flag Icon Columbia Japanese Flag Icon Japan Phillipino Flag Icon Philippines Turkish Flag Icon Turkey Costa Rica Flag Icon Costa Rica Korean Flag Icon Korea Polish Flag Icon Poland United Arab Emirates Flag Icon U.A.E. Denmark Flag Icon Denmark Kuwaiti Flag Icon Kuwait Puerto Rican Flag Icon Puerto Rico Ugandan Flag Icon Uganda Djibouti Flag Icon Djibouti Laotian Flag Icon Laos Qatar Flag Icon Qatar United Kingdom Flag Icon U.K. Dominican Republic Flag Icon Dominican Republic Latvian Flag Icon Latvia Romanian Flag Icon Romania Ukrainian Flag Icon Ukraine East Timor Flag Icon East Timor Lebanese Flag Icon Lebanon Russian Flag Icon Russia United Nations Flag Icon United Nations Estonia Flag Icon Estonia Libyan Flag Icon Libya Rwandan Flag Icon Rwanda The Flag of Uruguay Icon Uruguay Ethiopia Flag Icon Ethiopia Lithuanian Flag Icon Lithuania Samoan Flag Icon Samoa Flag of the United States of America Icon United States European Union Flag Icon E.U. Luxembourg Flag Icon Luxembourg Saudi Arabian Flag Icon Saudi Arabia Venezuela Flag Icon Venezuela Finland Flag Icon Finland Madagascar Flag Icon Madagascar Senegal Flag Icon Senegal Vietnamese Flag Icon Vietnam France Flag Icon France Malaysian Flag Icon Malaysia Sierra Leone Flag Icon Sierra Leone Yemeni Flag Icon Yemen Germany Flag Icon Germany Mexican Flag Icon Mexico Singaporean Flag Icon Singapore Yugoslavian Flag Icon Yugoslavia
<link href='http://adiwidget.com/favicon/flags/Mexicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon'/><link href='http://adiwidget.com/favicon/flags/Mexico.ico' rel='icon'/>
Change MEXICO to your preferred country!

OR create your own favicon here:


  1. AlfathPunya  

    5/5/09 21:07

    added your link is done (Adiwira)...
    thanks... :)

  2. +MisZ NuRuL+  

    15/5/09 00:52

    alaa...sy ta paham la cmner nk uat??penin la..wuu2~:((

  3. adiwira  

    15/5/09 05:37

    Hi Nurul... Relax... baca slow2 dan Try & Error. InsyaAllah boleh... Malaysia Boleh... Boleh la boleh ;)

  4. aimanace94  

    24/5/09 14:14

    saye pon tatau canne nak buat..
    nak upload kat mane sebenarnye?
    lagipon byk error pasal XML..
    help pls T_T

  5. Adonasagat  

    10/8/09 03:20

    thanks, dah berjaya...saya juga telah follow anda disini..

  6. Irfan  

    13/9/09 11:26

    adi,tak boleh la saya buat.

    code saya macam ni :


    tolong fix tau. :D

  7. Irfan  

    13/9/09 11:27

    bukan tu code die..tolong bukak dlm die..semua code dlm tu

  8. Anonymous  

    17/9/09 05:59

    ssh jgk ek..

  9. zodak..  

    17/9/09 06:00

    emm..try dl

  10. download movie free  

    17/9/09 06:04

    bgs2..blh try ni...

  11. IeFaZaM  

    4/11/09 22:03

    x bley nk bwt.... :'(
    tension nyer..
    cam ne nk wat ni senanye???

  12. Ana Mardia  

    20/12/09 21:15

    kat sini ada sy terangkan panjang lebar..if xbley jgak,xdpt eden nak nolong =p


  13. Muh. Nur Ali Syam  

    22/2/11 20:28

    aku suka menggunakan gadget yang anda punya........

  14. error 404  

    21/8/11 16:45

    WOW your informayion was helpful. I tried it got the good result .Thanks for your information

  15. 404  

    21/8/11 16:55

    thank you

  16. rabiatuls  

    20/9/12 21:10

    ala..x boleh jugak..

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