URL is stand for Uniform Resource Locator: an address of a web page, ftp site, image, audio stream or other Internet resource, for example, “http://www.adiwidget.com/”.

Format of a URL:
Protocol://site address/path/filename

For example, the URL of adiwidget site is:

and one example for the above image URL would be:

The above URL consist of:
* Protocol: http
* Host computer name: www
* Domain name: adiwidget
* Domain type: com
* Path: /images/frame/
* File name: cute_01.png

To copy the URL of an image is depend on your browser:

Mozilla Firefox
* Click on the image with the right mouse button.
* Choose Copy Image Location from the menu.

Internet Explorer 7.0

* Click on the desired picture with the right mouse button.
* Choose Copy Shortcut from the menu.

Safari and Opera

* Click on the desired image with the right mouse button (or holding down Ctrl while clicking with the left or only button).
* Select Copy Image Address from the menu.

Google Chrome

* Click on the desired image with the right mouse button
* Select Copy Image URL from the menu.

then... you can adiWidget™ generate code here


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